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Local HVAC Service Offers Winter Heating Tips

Local HVAC Service Offers Winter Heating Tips

Winter brings cold, snow, and ice to Denver and the state and those who don’t have their ducks in a row could be in for a surprise when their furnace fizzles out during a bad snowstorm. We chatted with the heating and cooling experts at Castle Rock-based Front Range HVAC to learn what Colorado residents should be doing before the snow starts to fall.

Inspection is Number One

According to the experts at Front Range, the best thing you can do for your home and its heating elements before it gets cold is getting your furnace and its components inspected. Regular inspection and maintenance can find minor issues that could cause you headaches, can make your system more efficient, can help you lower utility bills, and most importantly can keep you from making a dreaded no-heat call from furnace shutdowns.

Many avoid regular inspection due to the small cost, but this is counterintuitive according to Front Range HVAC. Regular inspection may cost a small fee, but that fee is only a fraction of what you would pay for a no-heat call or “break and fix” maintenance. No one likes paying service charges, but they’re much better than hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix a broken system.

Do Your Due Diligence

Front Range recommends that customers do their due diligence and only hire reputable HVAC services for yearly inspection and maintenance. Any company you hire should have a long track record of excellent service in the community they serve and should come with personal referrals and testimonials for you to use. Registration and at least an A rating with your local Better Business Bureau chapter is also a box to check before hiring.

Listen for Trouble

Lastly, the team at Front Range HVAC reminds homeowners to listen to their system and take note when they hear any odd furnace noises like humming or banging. These could indicate a furnace in distress and should be examined immediately.

The good folks at Front Range HVAC, your furnace repair in Denver experts, want to take care of their neighbor’s heating needs this Winter but would much rather see you for preventative maintenance and service than midnight no-heat calls. That’s why they recommend regular service, doing your homework on who’s taking care of your heating, and keeping an ear out for signs of furnace distress. Other Winter tips from Front Range HVAC can be found on their website.

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