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More Affordable Housing May be Coming to Telluride

More Affordable Housing May be Coming to Telluride

Telluride is one of the hottest destinations in the entire United States as more people seek to get their own piece of Colorado paradise. This influx of new residents is causing problems. Telluride is a small area and there are only so many homes for current residents. Current Telluride residents are worried about the increase of vacation home residents and worried that they’ll be pushed out of their own neighborhood due to the rising cost of living.

The largest employer in the region, Telluride Ski Resort (Telski), wants to help its employees get more concrete and permanent housing by possibly building 38 new units in Ilium close to the Two Rivers Subdivision. The project would consist of both single-family homes and multi-family units and would be built on the San Miguel County-owned Ilium Q lots as well as the Sunshine Valley lots which is owned by the Telluride Mountain Village Owner’s Association.

Before any development or construction begins the resort must receive approval from county officials. Telski has already outlined some of its goals and proposals with the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners. Telski wishes to tie in its new developments into the natural fabric of the neighborhood. “They are trying to be compatible with the character and the neighborhood of Two Rivers,” said County Planning Director Mike Rozycki.

Many on the board are for the development including Commissioner Kris Holstrom. “It is good for me to see the evolution of an idea and what has and hasn’t worked,” she said, referencing the deed-restricted lots that have sat empty. “(I like) the fact that you are coming in and being sensitive to what is there, but also the fact that you are planning for a future that is here now.”

No matter if you’re a local looking for a new home or a visitor that wants a vacation paradise the key to getting ahead is starting with a local real estate team. The Dwight and Martin Team of Telluride Real Estate Corp. has been helping match people with their own little piece of Telluride since 2004. The Dwight and Martin team is Telluride-based but has the resources of Christie’s International Real Estate to help anyone looking for a home to be matched with a luxury or affordable property.

If you’re looking for a place to call your own in this mountain paradise give the Dwight and Martin team a call. Their local experience and knowledge can help match you to the best home for your resources and budget.

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