Mountain Home Buyers Look to Local Help

Mountain Home Buyers Look to Local Help

Buying a dream home in a destination like Telluride takes plenty of homework to be done right. Much of that homework comes in matching yourself with an experienced real-estate team that knows the area you’ll be purchasing in. For a tricky real estate environment, local guidance is best which is what several new homeowners found out for themselves by hiring Telluride Real Estate and the Dwight and Martin Team.

Why does choosing local matter? That’s the question that many potential Telluride home buyers have asked themselves but have quickly found the answer when choosing out-of-town real estate agencies –  they just don’t know the town. What kind of experience and service does the Dwight and Martin Team offer? We can learn more about that by learning about the team’s namesakes Jon W. Dwight and Alex Martin.

Though they have known each other since their fraternity days at the University of Colorado in the 1980s Dwight and Martin weren’t connected in real estate until they both joined the Telluride Real Estate team in 2004. In those over ten years since both Martin and Dwight have dedicated themselves not just to real estate customers but to the Telluride community.

Both Martin and Dwight live in Telluride and the Mountain Village area and have for more than twelve years. They’re connected to the community with their children, volunteer activities, and appreciation of the unique area they live in. This community-based team approach gives potential shoppers a great overall experience even though they’re dealing with a difficult and quickly-moving market. Dwight and Martin have also helped train other Telluride businesses and have worked on several regional development projects including Bear Creek Lodge, Brown Dog Ranch, and Sunnyside Ranch. In 2014 Marcin Ostromecki joined the team and has quickly taken to Telluride and all it has to offer.

When a prospective buyer chooses the Dwight and Martin team they’re not only choosing local real estate experts but experts who are literally participating in and helping to shape the Telluride community. No out-of-town or luxury brokerage can match the same level of local help and customer service found by the three team members of Telluride Real Estate Corp’s team. You can check out the team for yourself online in an in local Telluride real estate publications.

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