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Vail Townies and Visitors Turn to Local Ski Shop

Vail Townies and Visitors Turn to Local Ski Shop

Most visitors and many locals choose not to dump their money into purchasing their skis or snowboard. Purchasing a set of skis or board is great if you hit the slopes frequently, but most will be visiting the slopes only a handful of times of year and don’t want to lug around bulky skis in the airport or cram them into a rental car.

Instead, they rent. There are many options for renting skis or a snowboard for the Vail slopes, but many want to turn to a rental outfit with the best equipment, and best people, an option both locals and visitors are finding at American Ski Exchange.

Both locals and out-of-towners visit American Ski Exchange for several reasons, but the most important are the convenience and customer service. While many ski shops can provide convenience and proximity to the first lift, American Ski Exchange is the popular choice for the customer service and rental experience.

American Ski Exchange has been offering Vail ski rentals for more than 30 years, and though many employees have come and gone in those thirty years, the core of American Ski Exchange has always remained the same. This means every rental has at least 30 years of local experience behind it and you will get the best rental.

Vail is littered with ski rental joints that may carry top-of-the-line rentals, but questions about your rental will be met with brief answers or a pretentious air of superiority. Customers don’t want condescension when they want the right skis – they want the right skis. Getting to know the customer to make smart rental decisions and answering questions with informative answers is what American Ski Exchange prides themselves in.

You can choose customer service, convenience, or service, or you can choose all three by visiting this local mom and pop outfit. Finding the right rental service is a major qualifier for having a great vacation or skiing experience so be smart by choosing an outfit that both Vail locals and visitors have been frequenting for over three decades.

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