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Meet Kelly Kosky of Kelly Kosky Ministries

Kelly Kosky Ministries
Kelly Kosky Ministries

Kelly Kosky was born in Canada and grew up in a conservative Jewish home. Kelly spent eight years in Hebrew school and had his bar mitzvah at 13 years of age and shortly after, abandoned the Jewish faith.

Kosky’s teenage years were difficult and were found in trouble with drugs and the law. At a later time, he had to make a decision to either continue with his rebellious past or to commit to bettering his life. He decided at that time to take the higher road and started applying his abilities to academics and athletics.

Kelly attend San Diego State University where be attained his undergraduate and USLA for graduate work and later became a CPA.


The Koskys then moved from Idaho to northwest Montana to start their family. Kelly had a CPA corporation in Montana, and he also did some teaching at a local college. In addition, he was part of a financial team that advised the governor. Kathy became the county public health nurse. But with two infants at home, she gave up her career as a nurse to focus her energy on family and homeschooling the children.


As Kelly and Kathy Kosky grew in their love and understanding of Jesus, they began to share His Word with those who had never been exposed to the Gospel. Kelly had nightmares about the millions who had no opportunity to hear God’s message of salvation and who were headed for an eternity without Christ. Whenever he prayed, he unconsciously gravitated toward praying for the lost. And whenever they read the Bible, Kelly and Kathy kept hearing the call to missions. And they began to pray for the unreached.

During a conference in the West Indies for Christian leaders, Kelly saw countless people who were hopeless without Christ, and it broke his heart. Shortly after that, Kelly was invited to participate in a ministry trip to Africa, where he saw thousands who had never heard of Jesus before. It was this experience that changed the course of the Koskys’ lives.

To learn more about Kelly Kosky you can visit: https://www.kellykoskyministries.com/who-we-are/the-koskys/