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Are Ionic Foot Baths Good for You?

Are Ionic Foot Baths Good for You?

There are many health fads out there that purport to provide benefits that you could previously get through expensive medications, lengthy and tiresome health, and fitness regimens, or even surgery. The good thing is that there are some new health breakthroughs that actually do what they say and can give you the benefits you are looking for. One of these is the ionic detox foot bath which is designed to remove harmful toxins from the body. Read on to learn more about this process.

Ionic Foot Detox: What is it?

An ionic foot detox is a procedure that aims to cleanse the body from harmful toxins by creating an ionic field. Water molecules are split into H+ and OH- ions which then move around to attract and neutralize toxins and heavy metals which exit through the bottom of the feet.

Ionic foot baths have been deemed useful in restoring the natural pH of the body. As we age, natural metabolic processes and unhealthy diets cause the natural pH of the body to become more acidic, which is not a healthy state for normal biological processes. A more acidic pH is more prone to infection, inflammation, and tissue breakdown, which can progress to tissue stress and disease. The solution is to return the body’s pH to normal to promote efficient metabolic processes. Ionic foot detox is one way to do this.

How is it done?

An ionic foot detox uses ionizing technology to ionize the water. It gives the hydrogen in the water a positive charge, which attracts the negatively charged toxins in the body. It works like a magnet, drawing the negatively charged toxins out of the body. The toxins exit the soles of the feet because this is the part of the body that is submerged in water.

The water often changes color as the ionizing machine does its job, which means that the negatively charged toxins are being drawn out from the body and into the water. Do not be alarmed if the water in the soak changes color. Your feet are often washed prior to the procedure, but external impurities, aside from the impurities coming from your body, can still mix in with the water changing the color. The ions coming from the machine may also react with the impurities that are already present in the water, especially if tap and not distilled water is used for the bath.

What are the Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Bath

An ionic foot detox can:

  1. Balance the body’s pH
  2. Reduce inflammation
  3. Boost mood
  4. Boost mental clarity
  5. Reduce stress levels
  6. Boost immunity
  7. Promote weight loss
  8. Promote heart health
  9. Destroy harmful bacteria

So how do you know that your ionic detox is working? You will feel cleaner, lighter, with a better mood and all around clearer and more refreshed. You will be able to think clearly. Your breathing will come easier, and any aches and sores that you may feel especially on your lower extremities will likely be relieved. This procedure also has a relaxing component if relaxing salts and essential oils are added to the solution. If you are stressed or if the soles of your feet are tired from walking, this procedure can help relieve foot discomfort and swelling after too much walking. So even if you are not looking for particular ionic foot bath benefits, an ionic foot detox can still be a good option if you just want to give your tired feet some much-needed relief.

If you really want to make sure that your detox is working, try recording your body pH before and after a detox foot bath. Measure the pH of your urine prior to the detox and measure your urine pH after. If your pre-detox urine pH is slightly acidic, your post-detox urine pH should be more alkaline. A change in body pH after 30 minutes of doing a foot soak is a good indicator that the ionizing effect of the procedure is working. Experts also say that this ionizing effect persists for up to 24 hours.

Will this procedure be good for you? If you want a relaxing procedure that removes harmful toxins, free-radicals and restores your body’s pH, this is perhaps one of the best options you have. Boost your health and relax at the same time with an ionic foot bath detox today.