Just like Biz Markie says, “You got what I need…” Yep, that pretty much sums it up for the Colorado car dealership who’s taken a new approach to used car sales. The Sharpest Rides, located in Englewood, Colorado is not your ordinary car dealership. It’s fun, it’s hip and theRead More →

Roofing and construction are notorious for scammers, shoddy workmanship, bad communication, and other issues that can leave a homeowner praying for relief. While roofing does have its share of scammers, there are also many roofing outfits that do great work for their customers and even charitable work for their communityRead More →

Atlantic Aviation CPR

A Colorado aviation company is on a mission – to significantly reduce the cost of flying so private pilots can stay current, and enjoy their passion. AAERO Aviation, a Colorado-based aviation company recently launched an exclusive membership card that is designed deliver significant discounts to the general aviation industry. From fuel discounts,Read More →

Tom Martino

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the one, and only Tom Martino – you’re truly missing out. Tom Martino can be heard on KRDO (in Colorado Springs), 630KHOW in the Denver metro area, or anywhere online at iheartradio.com. So, who is Tom Martino? Tom Martino is aRead More →

Stem Cell Therapy

New research shows promise for undoing damage to your joints. Stem cell therapy is the hot new solution for seemingly every physical problem, whether it’s back pain, creaky knees, or blindness. But while everyone seems to be trying it, there’s actually not much reliable research to back the efficacy, or even safety, of practicingRead More →

Sean Hakes

Sean Hakes Profession: Altitude SEO, CEO Website: https://www.seanhakes.com Sean Hakes is the Founder and CEO of the Denver-based digital marketing agency, Altitude SEO. Since 2001, Sean has been helping small, mid-size and enterprise-level organizations compete online through implementing various online marketing strategies.   In June of 2017, Sean Hakes formed SHRead More →

Jon Urbana

PROfile: Jon Urbana Profession: Lacrosse Camp Owner Previous Profession: Professional Lacrosse Player Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport, and it’s the fastest growing sport in the country. This popularity has many parents choosing not to enroll their kids in the typical soccer or baseball leagues, but lacrosse instead. Many of usRead More →