Simple gold bands

Though Diane Lloyd Roth had thought she had met the man of her dreams, her ‘Prince Charming,” the marriage didn’t have a storybook ending. Neither did her second marriage, or her third. All of Roth’s Prince Charming became more “frogs” than Prince Charming, at least that’s how Roth puts it.Read More →


Buying a dream home in a destination like Telluride takes plenty of homework to be done right. Much of that homework comes in matching yourself with an experienced real-estate team that knows the area you’ll be purchasing in. For a tricky real estate environment, local guidance is best which isRead More →

Tom Martino

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the one, and only Tom Martino – you’re truly missing out. Tom Martino can be heard on KRDO (in Colorado Springs), 630KHOW in the Denver metro area, or anywhere online at So, who is Tom Martino? Tom Martino is aRead More →