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Troubleshooter Tom Martino

Tom Martino

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the one, and only Tom Martino – you’re truly missing out. Tom Martino can be heard on KRDO (in Colorado Springs), 630KHOW in the Denver metro area, or anywhere online at iheartradio.com.

So, who is Tom Martino?

Tom Martino is a highly passionate consumer advocate that loves helping consumers fight unethical business practices. In addition, he also doesn’t hesitate to tell a consumer when they’re in the wrong (because it often happens.)

I’ve been listening to Tom Martino since I was a kid and it’s been a lot of fun to get to know him outside of his radio show. Regardless of what you think (based on his show), he’s probably one of the nicest, most caring people you’ll meet in your entire life. Check him out online at Toubleshooter.com.




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