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Martin Erzinger | Marty Erzinger – Denver, CO

Martin Erzinger Denver, Marty Erzinger
Martin (Marty) Erzinger of Denver, Colorado

Martin Erzinger of Denver, Colorado (Marty Erzinger) is the Founder and Senior Investment Advisor for Sanctuary Wealth Advisors LLC.

Source: Investor.com

Martin Joel Erzinger, based in Denver, CO, is an Investment Advisor and a Broker (Dually Registered) with 39 years of experience. Martin is employed by Sanctuary Advisors  and  Geneos Wealth Management, which provides investment advisory services for 27 clients.

Professional Summary

Martin Joel Erzinger is is a Dually Registered at Sanctuary Advisors and Geneos Wealth Management. There are three types of financial advisors: Investment Advisors, Brokers, and Dually Registered professionals (advisors who operate as both a broker and an investment advisor).

Financial advisors who practice solely as an Investment Advisor are considered true fiduciaries, just like doctors or lawyers, and have fewer conflicts of interest. 99.2% of all financial advisors barred from the industry have been either a broker or dually registered advisor. 

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