3 Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring One

    3 questions to ask a lawyer before hiring one

    Choosing a lawyer or law firm is a critical point in your legal situation. The right lawyer will do everything they can to win your case or work for you, so you want to get it right. It’s not everyday that the average American has to hire a lawyer, so it’s understandable that you may have a tough time getting started. When you have a short list of lawyers at the ready you will be able to start asking specific questions to decide who you are going to hire. Here are some of the most important questions to ask any potential lawyers from Matthew Martin.

    Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring One

    How many cases like this have you handled?

    An experienced lawyer is a lawyer that will help you win. It doesn’t really matter how many years your lawyer has been around, what does matter is how many cases that are similar to yours the lawyer or law firm has handled. You want a lawyer that has specific experience in your type of case, so if this is a lawyer’s first or second time handling a case like yours, you need to move on.

    Do you practice where my case will be?

    You might have heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” That is also true of law. You want your lawyer to have familiarity not only with your type of case, but where your case will take place. A lawyer that has a relationship with a judge, jurisdiction, and even prosecuting attorneys is a attorney that knows how to operate in that court. This is especially true of criminal cases.

    What are your legal fees?

    It is perfectly fine to ask a lawyer about their fees from the get-go. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others will charge you a flat fee dependent on the type of case. Ask this question to avoid wasting time on a law firm that is outside of your budget.

    There are plenty of questions that need to be asked before hiring a lawyer. Use the three above and more to find a lawyer that will meet your budget, and help win the case or get you the best outcome.