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How Expensive Are Disaster Restoration Services?

How Expensive are Disaster Restoration Services

Your home was recently hit with a stormwater surge that put a foot of water in your lower level and destroyed the carpets, furniture, and walls. To get your home back to livable conditions you’ll need the help of a disaster restoration service, but how much do they cost? You don’t want to lose your home when you restore your home so let’s evaluate the expenses in disaster restoration services, so you know what you may be up against thanks to guidance from ServPro.

So, How Expensive are Disaster Restoration Services?

The Scale of Cleanup

The larger the disaster cleanup, the more homeowners can expect to pay. Was there only a couple of inches of water in the home or was a whole story flooded out? Did the fire smoke up one room before being put out or do you have damage throughout the home? Like many other industries, the scale of the job plays a role in determining final costs.

Local Factors

Local living factors have a role in disaster restoration companies. What are the local wages? What about the price of materials required by restoration companies? The more expensive your area is, the more you can expect to pay though the next factor plays a larger role than local cost-of-living factors.

Your Insurance Policy

The better your home insurance policy is, the less you will have to pay out of pocket. Most home insurance policies will cover the work of disaster restoration services, but homeowners will have to pay out of pocket expenses in their deductible and for areas that aren’t covered under their plan. The more you pay monthly for your policy, the less you should have to pay for putting it to work. Most disaster restoration companies work directly with insurance companies to get you the best outcome.

Disaster restoration services can be affordable or expensive depending on several factors including the scale of the disaster cleanup, local factors like cost of living, and your insurance policy. The good news is that any reputable disaster restoration service should give you an accurate quote, so you know what you’re up against before singing anything. No one wants to have to pick up their lives after a disaster, but a high-quality disaster restoration service can make it easier for you.