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Bentley and Lamborghini are at War!


Bentley and Lamborghini are two of the biggest names in exotic, luxury performance automobiles. They each represent a legacy of producing some of the most sought-after cars to ever exist, and so it’s no wonder they’re at each other’s throats for competition!

If you’re an affluent car enthusiast, which do you choose? Do you choose Lamborghini, the company that brought us the Diablo and Countach, or do you side with Bentley, a name that is more synonymous with big-time rappers and celebrities.

Choose wisely, because each of these amazing car manufacturers has some exciting new additions to their line up.

The Bentley Versus Lamborghini Grudge Match

In 2019, Bentley announced their release of the new Bentayga Speed, a nearly 3-ton SUV with a 12-cylinder engine. This performance powerhouse is as beautiful as it is mechanically impressive: sleek lines and that traditional Bentley look adorn it well.

Not to be outdone, Lamborghini answered the call to action by releasing their 2019 Lamborghini Urus, a stunning SUV that sports an incredible lineup of technological advancements that make the vehicle a thrill to drive. While the Urus only has an 8-cylinder engine, it uses bi-turbo technology to give the vehicle oomph when it’s needed most.

On the interior, the Bentley and Lamborghini approaches are wildly different. For the designers and engineers at Bentley, it seems like they were going more for a carbon-fiber-and-faux-sude look. Whereas with Lamborghini, the interior of the Urus looks like something out of a Star Wars movie. What makes the interior of the Urus so remarkable also, is it’s use of the proprietary Anima system, a technology platform that integrates the function of the entire vehicle.

Beyond the Engine

If you’re going to spend $150,000+ on a car, you probably want to be sure you’re getting the best in terms of hardware and performance, but also in terms of safety and styling. Say what you want about who has the better style – Bentley or Lamborghini – one thing is for sure: both the Urus and the Bentayga Speed have extra attention to these details.

For example, the Lamborghini Urus offers drivers one of three Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to choose from, giving them the flexibility to create their own custom driving experience. It’s these kinds of features and benefits that are going to end up winning for the Lamborghini brand, in the end.

So, which would you choose to drive? The Lamborghini Urus, or the Bentley Bentayga speed? The choice is yours!