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CBD-infused Food and Beverages are Still Illegal in United States

CBD Ediables

So far, the FDA has looked the other way for commerce of CBD-infused products such as gummies, dog treats, snacks and more.

Many merchant services, banks and even insurance companies are hesitant to provide services for national CBD providers and the uncertainty of the FDA stepping in to see whether or not CBD will be allowed under federal law.

States are confused and seeking guidance to whether or not they should step-in with regulation efforts, or simply ignore them until additional clarity is brought by the FDA.

Experts are confident that the FDA will soften its stance on CBD as a ‘safe food additive,’ perhaps following behind Canda where new rules governing the production of edibles.

The question still remains, what CBD Oil does and how safe is it?

Companies and consumers alike are worried that they be open to legal action before the regulatory framework has been hashed out.

Companies like Grow Cargo of Denver, Colorado have developed child-proof, Marijuana Packaging for brands to help keep cannabis products out of the mouths of curious youngsters.

For now, you can continue to buy Cbd oil online for items such as tinctures and other items such as beauty products, pet treats, topicals and more.